Full personalization

Customize your work system and style by using the extensive personalization options.

Highlight the prestige of your brand

Grab your customers' attention and stand out from the competition. Highlight the unique value of your services by adding your own logo and choosing the color scheme for your training plans and Client App.Learn more about the Client App here.

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Fitebo - automation

Customized system for your fitness needs

With our innovative automation features, sets, reps, tempo and rest time can be filled in according to pre-defined rules. Such workflow makes creating training plans easy and enjoyable. To further personalize your programs, you can create custom remarks for each exercise, easily selectable from a dropdown list.

Upload your own exercises

Fitebo's training plan creator offers over 2000 exercises with detailed pictures of each movement phase. Want more? Create your own exercise database, add photos and video links, and easily incorporate them into your training plans. This clear and professional approach is sure to impress your clients.Learn more about the training plans creator here.

Fitebo - your own exercises

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