Fitebo - a revolutionary platform for personal trainers

If you are reading this post, you are probably a personal trainer who is looking for the perfect tool for work. The good news is that you don't need to look any further  Fitebo was created precisely as a response to the needs of people who value saving time and scaling their business.

The most efficient tool for creating training plans

How long does it take you to develop a good training plan for your client? You will probably answer that it depends on many factors. You are right, but one thing is certain  thanks to Fitebo you will shorten this time by at least a half. What does this mean for you? 2x more time for 2x more leads or 2x more time for rest or other activities.

At Fitebo, we have optimized the plan creation system so that using the application is easy, fast and convenient.

In addition, we made it possible to modify and personalize given variants of exercises by adding annotations in the form of dynamic remarks.

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Library of over 2000 exercises!

How many exercises do you know as a trainer? Of course, we are talking about those that make sense, and not the "weirdest exercise found on the web" category. You certainly know a lot of them. The problem is that it's not possible to remember them all and sometimes it's difficult to choose the most appropriate ones when creating a given plan.

In our application you will find over 2,000 exercises, each with photos showing the phases of their execution. With such a library of exercises, it's not an abuse to say that training plans literally write themselves. Inspiration comes immediately, and the icing on the cake is the ability to automatically generate instructions for the client with photos of exercises from your plan.

Of course, we realize that trainers have their own unique work system, so we have implemented the option of adding your own, original exercises and remarks. In the training plans generator, for each exercise, you can select additional remarks from the drop-down list, e.g. the type of grip, as well as the RIR or RPE coefficient in a given exercise. Thanks to this, your training plans will always be professional.

Forget about spreadsheets!

Nowadays, there are a lot of programs and tools to facilitate our daily work: 

  • Accountants use accounting software, 
  • Nutritionists use systems with automatic caloric calculations, 
  • Doctors have panels with the history of their patients' diseases,
  • Hairdressers use  apps to book appointments.

So why do almost all personal trainers use spreadsheets and text editors to create plans or even entire training macrocycles?

If you belong to this group, then you act like an accountant who performs all calculations on an archaic abacus. It doesn't make sense! Fortunately, you can change that very quickly. Try Fitebo  it's the only complete and yet such intuitive tool that you need in your remote work.

The functionalities of Fitebo make it an absolutely unique project on a global scale. Currently available products for trainers are overly complicated to use and instead of facilitating the work of the trainer, they make it more burdensome  this is probably the answer to the question why, as trainers, we are still in the stone age... This era ends here.

How to get clients as a personal trainer?

How many customers are you able to manage by yourself? 10? 50? 150? Working independently with so many clients, while maintaining the quality of services at a high level, is a full-time job. This number can be doubled if proper steps are taken:

  • First, plan. Is your calendar a mess? You don’t remember when you should change the client's plan? The client resigned from cooperation with you because you forgot to contact them for a month? Do you collect data in spreadsheets or save dates in a calendar? Or maybe you use some kind of customer service system after all? At Fitebo, you will receive your own CRM (customer relationship management) system where you will plan all important dates  you'll know when you should make contact, when you should generate another training plan, and when you can expect payment for your services. In addition, on charts you will see how much work is ahead of you in the coming week, so that perhaps in the near future you will find a moment for a small vacation with your entire business under control.
  • Second, make sure your services are of high quality. Would you like to monitor the client’s progress, but are tired of manually entering measurements in spreadsheets? Grant him access to the Client App - it's a remarkable feature of Fitebo that allows you to enhance your relationship with your clients. From now on, they will always be motivated and engaged in their workouts, while you will have complete control over their progress. Learn more about the Client App here.

Appropriate planning and taking care of clients' needs are the most important pillars of the trainer's work, which will ensure that your schedule is always full.

How to acquire a foreign client?

Fitebo is the only product on the market that lends a hand to trainers who have or would like to have clients who don't speak their native language. You don't need to know equivalents of hundreds of exercises in foreign languages to do this. Fitebo enables you to work comfortably in the language of your choice, while still allowing you to easily download any plan in PDF format in any other supported language. Furthermore, your clients have the flexibility to view the shared plans in the Client App in their preferred language version.

Why is it worth trusting Fitebo?

Although it may sound not very original, Fitebo is a project that was born out of passion. Our team consists of trainers, often with clients from all over the world. It was on the basis of the experiences gained and the desire of further development that we decided to take matters into our own hands and create the perfect tool, one that we would like to use ourselves.

We believe that thanks to Fitebo you can easily increase the quality of your services and gain more customers, while saving valuable time.

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